Aggregation Post

Photo taken by Kyle Lutz

According to their win-loss record, the Profs had a successful season in 2016, going 24-18 and 11-4 at home. Could they accomplish a winning record again and keep students’ interests high for the season?

On July 6th of this past year, the Rowan University Athletics Youtube page uploaded a collage of top plays from last season. How does that correlate to a new season? There are always going to be players who are on the team this year that were on the roster last year, and there could be a mix of both solid senior players and upcoming, freshman athletes.

In addition to Rowan baseball starting back up, the season starts on the 26th in Hoboken, on August 18th on the Rowan website, they announced the Rowan Hall of Fame Class. The induction ceremony occurred during the week of homecoming, on October 9th. The selection committee inducted in pitcher Josh Schwartz. Why is this interesting, that only one baseball player got inducted? It shows that the school makes a commitment to honoring former players that excelled and with whom gave back to the college. That induction ceremony could interest people who go to Rowan but aren’t currently on the Prof’s baseball team.

For those interested in baseball, spring is a beautiful time of the year, not only for the climate and the sport starting back up again, starting with Spring Training. Many former baseball players love it not only for the game but how relaxing it is, partially in due to the weather.

Another sign of good things to come this upcoming season, after their winning season last year and the induction of Schwartz, is the fact that they haven’t had a losing record since 1994.

All of this information considered, this season should be a fun one to watch for students like myself with whom are interested in the sport.


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