In Class Photo Assignment- James Jackson

James Jackson, who’s shown as a die-hard Eagles fan, like myself. He wears a vintage Philadelphia Eagles jacket here that was a gift from his late grandfather. The first two photos show different angles, to show different items in the background. Both photos are significant, due to his love for sports and the Eagles. (Photo/Kyle Lutz)
Underneath James’ mix of green, white and black vintage Eagles’ jacket, is a Rowan University t-shirt. Not shown in the photo, he also was sporting Nike shoes. (Photo/Kyle Lutz)
During the middle of last week, here’s James outside of the building of the College Communication and Creative Arts. Sporting a Navy blue, t-neck, t-shirt, viewers can clearly see the construction in the background. James standing next to the street’s stop sign is significant, in that the college is constantly evolving (Photo/Kyle Lutz).

“My jacket came from my grandfather, who shares the same passion and love for the sport of football and Philadelphia football as I do.”

James Jackson- background information

James Jackson
26 years old
Junior student, Journalism major
From Moorestown, New Jersey
Three photos: shown wearing his Eagles’ jacket and glasses, and a photo of him in front of town construction


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