Rowan University Profs baseball team hosting the Neumann University Knights

College baseball is always fun to watch, no matter what division of baseball the games are. The new season is a sign of spring time, beautiful weather, not having to wear snow boots, and the chance at seeing a fun, back-and-forth game.

Last week at the team’s baseball field, on Wednesday the 8th, I attended the Rowan home opener versus Neumann University, which culminated in a come-from-behind Rowan 8-7 win. From the bleachers, I had a perfect view of the left side of the infield, as I sat right behind the third base line. Let the pitches begin.

Rowan third baseman Matt Jolly, who went 2/4 in the game, having a catch with second baseman Alex Kokos in between the third and fourth inning. Starting pitcher Andrew Cartier warms up his arm in between innings. Neumann’s assistant coach, in between third base and home plate, can also be seen. While the crowd was sparse, the weather, as seen in the photo’s background, was beautiful, and so it helped the players from preventing playing on a rain-soaked field. Photo/Kyle Lutz
The team is huddling to the right of their dugout between the fifth and sixth inning. Right-handed relief pitcher, number 22, Brad Machinski is seen to the far right, to the right of home plate.  Starting players are seen in the gold uniforms. Infielder Shawn Leydon (number 24), who went 0-1 as a pinch hitter, is seen trying to give one of his teammates a high five, but no one seems to be returning the favor. Photo/Kyle Lutz
Prior to the top of the third inning, starting third baseman (number 24) Shawn Leydon is having a brief catch with centerfielder Shane Brown (number 8) who puts his glove up, not only to fight the sun, but to anticipate the wind. Behind Brown, the Rowan baseball logo banner, as well as campus townhouses, can be seen. Photo/Kyle Lutz
At the bottom of the 1st, leadoff hitter and second baseman, number 19, Alex Kokos is seen waiting at third base, after a bloop single to right field. After the bases were loaded, Kokos was left stranded. He finished the game 1-5, with both a run and a walk. Photo/Kyle Lutz
At the bottom of the 2nd inning- starting right fielder Charlie Barebo is on deck, to the right of the team’s dugout. In addition to his custom-Rowan black batting gloves, a white box full of dirty, used baseballs, five batting helmets, and five metal bats can also be seen in the photo. After designated hitter Charlie Rose struck out looking, Barebo was up, and ended up walking. Photo/Kyle Lutz
In the background, prior to the top of the 4th inning, Neumann University players are huddling together in front of their dugout, with a 2-0 Rowan lead. Home plate umpire Glenn Kochanowicz can be seen in front of home plate waiting for the beginning of the inning to begin, while Profs’ starting catcher Steven Hewa is practicing near the field’s backdrop, and position players are eagerly waiting to take their positions. Photo/Kyle Lutz
The Profs join together, coupled with bench players, and, with fist pumps, celebrate their come-from-behind 8-7 win. With the win, they not only begin a two-game winning streak, but increase their win-loss record to 4-1. Unfortunately, they won’t play another home game until March 20th. Photo/Kyle Lutz
Bottom of the 1st- third baseman Matt Jolly walks, and heads to first on a full count (3-2) pitch by Knights’ starting pitcher Andrew Cartier. Photo/Kyle Lutz
Top of the 6th Inning- after a home run in his previous at-bat, Knights’ catcher (number 16) Cody MacNair singles into right, then takes third base after an error by Profs’ right fielder Charlie Barebo. Photo/Kyle Lutz
At bat, number 44, Rowan first baseman Joe Sadler (that’s me channeling my inner Dan Baker, the former PA announcer of the Phillies). This at-bat occurred at the bottom of the 1st inning. Senior infielder Jason Clapper is seen at the forefront at the photo. Both batters struck out swinging. Photo/Kyle Lutz
A closeup of Jason Clapper, taken from the previous photo. Photo/Kyle Lutz
In between innings, freshman relief pitcher Zach Listro (number 29) discussing the game with teammate, and half duo, catcher Steven Hewa. Photo/Kyle Lutz
At the bottom of the 2nd inning, designated hitter Frank Rose strikes out looking (by Knights’ pitcher Anthony Stricker). Knights’ catcher Cody MacNair stands to the right, in anticipation of Rose’s at-bat. In the win, Rose went 1 for 4 and had 2 RBIs. Photo/Kyle Lutz
It’s now the bottom of the 9th and final inning, can the Profs mount a two-run comeback? Jason Clapper began the inning with being hit by a pitch, and taking first base, by reliever Jerome Cevetello. Ultimately, the Profs end the game, and get the win, with a Shane Brown bloop single to centerfield. Photo/Kyle Lutz

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