Boop Stats: A Profile about Sports Blogger Bob Vetrone

Last week I interviewed Bob Vetrone, who is the scoreboard editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and who also has his own blog.

Bob, who’s 54 years old, was born and raised in Philadelphia, graduating in 1980 from Northeast Catholic High School, and now he resides in Cherry Hill. He lives there with his wife Maryanne (her maiden name is Corbett) and his two daughters. Bob has been with the Daily News since 1982. Prior to that, he spent the previous five years working at the (now defunct) Philadelphia Bulletin newspaper.

From going as a school sports reporter with Northeast Catholic High School to now having his own popular blog is very impressive, in addition to his scoreboard editor position.

Photo/David Lee Preston

I started the interview by asking him to give a brief background about himself, as well as when his blog was created, and why he decided to create it.

Question: How old are you, and where did you grow up and graduate from?

Answer: I’m 54 and I grew up in Philly, and now I live in Cherry Hill with my wife Maryanne and my two daughters. I graduated from Northeast Catholic High School in 1980, a few months before the Phillies beat Kansas City in the World Series.

Question: When did you start your blog, which is called boopstats?

Answer: I started the blog within the early summer of 2011, which is published through The name and the basis behind the blog came from Comcast Sportsnet Philly analyst Michael Barkann. On Comcast Sportsnet’s roundtable TV show Daily News Live, I would refer to the stats that I gave him from time to time as “Boop Stats.” Boop is a long-standing nickname of mine. In fact, the very first blog post of mine was thanking him for the idea. A lot of them are baseball related, the same thing occurred when I wrote articles growing up.

Question: Why did you start your blog?

Answer: To give readers and diehard baseball fans a refreshing point of view, and, most importantly, to give readers updated baseball stats, to enjoy and gage their interest even more. Naturally, I have more freedom now as a blogger than when I wrote my own piece as a journalist in college.

Question: What do you think is the most challenging thing about maintaining your blog?

Answer: Making sure that your reader/audience isn’t unsatisfied with material that may seem repetitive, so in other words, to try to continuously engage them.

Question: What role do you think blogging should play in the future of journalism?

Answer: It plays a huge role, in that the content on a blog should always be interesting and fun.

Question: What is the most interesting thing about writing/having your own blog?

Answer: That it’s within my fingertips, and I’m not pulling statistics from a third party. I try to maintain having original research.

Question: What advice do you have for someone just starting their own blog?

Answer: To take it one step at a time, to do your work, to give interesting research, and have fun with it.

A huge thanks to Bob Vetrone for the interview.