Signing off

After a fun-filled good four months of covering the Rowan Profs’ baseball team, I no longer will be feeding this blog with new, original content at all.

Covering the team and interviewing personnel was a new, yet refreshing task for me to go through with. I enjoyed shooting HD video and photos from games of theirs that I attended and took enjoyment in doing so, since it was a new accomplishment.

By shooting video of a person or of a live action moment within a topic, with which a beat that I was/am very passionate about no less, I learned new tricks and trades, like framing and editing good video shots to make them even better.

At first, I was nervous about approaching people for interviews, thinking by doing so that I was annoying the person[s], but it gave me a fresh take into the wide world of reporting.

By taking photos, especially from different angles of the event, it made way — setting up — for telling a [good] story. I hope to be a sports reporter once I graduate college.

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